July 14, 2024

Generator is a thing which is used for residential, commercial and for all means at the time of scarcity of electricity. The better working generators have been available in this website. The generators can be classified into many types which includes the following:

  • Signal generator
  • Electric generator
  • Wearable generator
  • Gas generator
  • Motor-generator
  • Engine generator

Signal generator:

Signal generator is a kind of electric device which deals with the repeating or non-repeating electric signal. It can be used in both analog and digital systems. The major uses of this generator are the designing, testing, trouble shooting. Some of the types of signal generator may be included below:

  • Arbitrary waveform generators
  • Digital pattern generators
  • Frequency generators
  • Pitch generators
  • Microwave signal generators.

Thus these are the types of signal generators which can make use of the process of signal generating and thus the engine runs.

Electric generator:

Electric generator is a type of generator which converts the mechanical energy to electrical energy. Some of the mechanical energies like steam turbines, gas turbines and other forms get converted to electrical signals and thus the engine of the electric generator runs. And the reverse conversion of electrical energy to mechanical energy is done by the electric motor.

Wearable generator:

A wearable generator is a type of generator which has a built-in electrical system. It can be used to supply power in small amount to the electronic devices with the help of good state of charging.

Gas generator:

As the name indicates, the gas generators are actually meant for generating gas. It can be used to generate gas or can create gas from a solid or liquid source. The gas generators can also be used in rockets and they also have various advantages.

Motor generator:

Motor generator can be used to change electrical power to another form. Some of these motor generator sets have been used in correcting the frequency, phase or voltage of the power. It can also be connected to the variable power supply.

Engine generator:

The engine generator can also be known to be as the portable generator. It is a combination of electrical generator and the engine which is mounted together in the generator. There are two types of engine generator namely as follows:

  • Mid-size stationary engine generator
  • Large scale generator sets

Mid-size engine generator:

The mid-size engine generator produces the power of about 50 Hz and it consumes for about 27 liters of fuel for an hour.

Large sized generator sets:

The large-sized generator sets have been primarily used up in the backup system of a company. It can also be used in the case of power outage in a big company.

The portable generators are highly beneficial and are popular among many of the countries. Many websites have been focused on selling of the portable generators. This website also had better portable generators along with the solar generators. Log on to this website to know more regarding the types of portable generators.

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