March 2, 2024

Internet has become the most vital thing in today’s world; each and every person is depending upon the internet connection in order to complete their works. But there are some times at which you cannot connect to the internet due to the low coverage in your area, this will lead to the delay in your works which affects the entire cycle of your business. The similar kind of problem was once faced by Simon Kissel who has invented the Viprinet. He was living in a town in Germany where the broadband connection was too unreliable; therefore he tried contacting the various channel bonding companies so that he can get the reliable internet connection as he always wanted. But the bonding companies are not that much satisfactory to meet his needs. The basic concept in which the packets are transmitted during the data transfer is that channel bonding companies usually uses single circuit but Simon has invented the router that uses the multiple channels to transmit the data. This is designed with the designing of several broadband lines that are connected in to the single as well as the highly available joint circuit.

Basic information about the Simon:

Simon Kissel is a computer nerd, executive and the inventor who is blessed with a lot of extra ordinary gifts as well as the high talents. He is a self educated person who has initiated the programming at the age of 10. He was dropped out from school at the age of 17 and then he started a computer shop. He became famous among the computer artists and he is well known by his world’s biggest event of the computer art which is called the Breakpoint. As the days passes by, Simon understands the various tricks that are used in the technologies by his own mistakes in his life. Then later, his small computer center has grown in to the software developing company, which is now a leader in the software market. In the year of 2005, Simon has found the unique bonding method based on which the products which we are using today are working. In the year of 2006, he invented the Viprinet so that he can improve the bonding technology in the hardware routers. Thus, Simon plays a dual role that is as CEO and as the head of the development role.

Some basic information about the Viprinet:

The business transactions require the internet connection all the time, but sometimes, the internet service providers may not give you the proper internet connection. When the internet is failed then the mobile radio cells are over loaded then this result in to the decrease of the internet connection gradually. But in the case of the Viprinet, the separate connections are linked together and are made to help the business to run all the time at highly affordable price rates. Viprinet connects all the broadband lines in to the single one which leads to the highly available circuit line. This helps to access the various media like ADSL, LTE/4G, 3G/ HSPA+ and so on.

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