June 22, 2024

Manchester’s unrivalled reputation draws millions of newcomers to its intertwining streets year after year. Plans for the city are rocketing as skyscrapers, cranes and new high-rise buildings are dramatically changing the city’s skyline – and they are all part of the incessant ‘building boom’ that are changing Manchester forever.

Currently in the pipeline are ambitious developments designed to transform the UK’s third largest city into a multi-use urban district brimming with innovation, creativity and culture.


Sitting on the outskirts of the central retail district, N.O.M.A is a distinctive new city centre development securing Manchester’s status as a mixed-use location. Labelled as one of the largest development projects in the North West, spanning 20-acres, the distinctive quarter has outlined a powerful vision for the future over a 10-15-year time frame. As the project is well underway with many projects completed, NOMA embarks on its final stages before the district fully takes shape.

In an £800 million masterplan combining Manchester’s glorified old buildings against the innovative new facades, the vision is to embrace the area’s past whilst inspiring its future. The creation of a distinctive neighbourhood where one can live, work, create and innovate will be designed to keep the community at its heart.

Set to establish a high profile public realm, the development plans to create 15,000 jobs throughout its 5 million square foot of revitalised office space that appeals to young professionals.

Property investment company, RW Invest, state that the city of Manchester is ‘quickly establishing itself as the nation’s leading property investment market’, and NOMAs new neighbourhood is taking a prominent role in celebrating the city’s venerated status in the northern property industry.


MediaCityUK has experienced a revival from a previously run-down zone just south of the city centre to a world-renowned centre for digital and media. Rising in prominence, the expansion was set to double in size with an additional 7.7 hectares of land designated to the regeneration.

The arrival of MediaCityUK completely altered the public’s perceptions as the district propelled itself into one of the main driving forces integral to Manchester’s flourishing economy. Plans were proposed for a truly unique space for living, working and enjoying the finer things in life through the multitude of upmarket bars and restaurants.

Ten impressive high-rise buildings will alter Manchester’s skies, with a public square and communal park sitting at its base. Commercial property will become a more attractive asset to potential investors that are also set to boost the job market with the creation of hundreds of new jobs. New jobs pull in more people to the city who require high class accommodation with a convenient commute to the city centre.

Besides residential and commercial property, student accommodation may also experience a spike due to the progressions in educational facilities available throughout MediaCityUK. Record numbers of students are predicted to pour into the area as the University of Salford introduce their new media campus, propelling a need for supplementary purpose-built student living residences.

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