June 13, 2024
Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive for business

OneDrive for Business

All the office 365 subscribers are getting 1 TB of personal OneDrive storage which will sync the clients which are available for every desktop platform. The windows 10 client are using the same sync client which are used by the consumer of the OneDrive service. You will be able to keep all the data in a separate location. The features like a file on demand are allowing all the users for viewing and managing the cloud-based storage which is making use of file explorer. Administrators of the enterprise get the privilege to upgrade to have unlimited storage also.

Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive for business

New features of Office 365 HK:

  1. Real-time co-authoring: It is super easy to get managed services that can collaborate online in office 365. You can see changes of other users also with real-time co-authoring feature of word. All you need to do is save the file to SharePoint or one drive and other users can make changes to it with you.
  2. Chat with other co-workers with Office apps: there is a skype in-app integration in the new 2016 Office apps. Now you can share screens, chat and have video or audio calls with colleagues from the application that you are using.
  3. Insert links to your files rather than attaching them: rather than attaching files you can directly share a link to your files by uploading the file to the cloud storage of Office 365. If you include a link while writing an email using the Outlook app then it will grant permission to edit the file to the people to whom the email is sent. These permissions can be changed also.
  4. Make calendar events from OneNote items: you can create tasks from notes in the calendar and also assign them to your colleagues with deadlines and reminders. You can also send meeting minutes via email and add details such as attendees, location, date and time regarding each meeting.
  5. A mouse can be used as a laser pointer: You can improve your PowerPoint presentations using your mouse as a laser pointer. This can be done by clicking a simple shortcut on the keyboard i.e. Ctrl +P. Office 365 HK also has presenter mode commands which are integrated with touch-screen devices.
  6. Turn your data into a map: with the power map feature, you can get a powerful data visualization feature in Excel. It is further enhanced with Power BI for visualizing, analyzing and sharing your data insights. Data can be transformed into a 3D map that is interactive and can filter data using filters such as range, list or advanced.

These are some of the managed services which are provided by Office 365. There are several other additional features too that are available in Office 365 HK.

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