June 20, 2024

Before purchasing maid insurance you should first have full information that you should know to buy good maid insurance and a beneficiary one. Maid insurance is a policy which includes protection of your maid from different injuries and illness, that is, they get medical coverage out of this and this maid insurance may also include liability coverage, which means it will protect and compensate for the personal property of maid that has been taken by someone, or in a case of theft. So it is necessary to have good knowledge about maid insurance policies and plans which you will choose to get the benefits and can protect your domestic helper.

Good plans and policies are provided by very few companies and you can get that company simply by visiting Hong Leong Insurance. Plans are also of various types which are differentiated by the limits of coverage and the varieties of coverage they provide. You should also know when to purchase a maid insurance and when not to. So now let us broadly discuss all these and gather as much information as we can.

Different ways to find out the best Maid Insurance Policy

Opt for maid insurance through some reliable maid agency if you are intending to hire a foreign domestic maid for the first time. Firstly you need to know what you should keep in your mind while choosing the maid insurance for your helper. But keep in mind that, the scheme of insurance recommended by the insurance company may not always be the best one for you, never depend on the insurance company to suggest the policy, gather all the information and make your own choice. Going through the internet that is searching online and compares the best maid insurance policies, and eventually applying, you can save a lot of your time and money as well and choose a good plan which actually will provide you a good amount of benefit.

As for getting maid insurance often requires you to make a trip to the agency to sign some papers and you are also paying for middlemen fees and commissions. Availing best maid insurance may appear to be somewhat complicated for the first-timers especially. Not only you are dealing with a total stranger living in your home at first, but the stakes are also higher if you are hiring a maid for looking after your babies and your grandfather or grandmother. On the other hand, the wide range of maid insurance plans makes picking the right one a headache. There are two plans are depending on the duration of the plan, it is usually, 14 months and 26 months, now a question may arise in your mind that why is it 14 and 26 and not 12 months and 24 months because they give you extra two months after expiry for compensation.

If you are not sure what is best for you and are confused about which one to choose for your domestic maid, we will recommend you to buy a 14-month insurance plan first. If cost is a major factor for you, and you want to buy a plan, that is in your budget, of course, it is right, everyone plans every event setting a fixed budget, so, most maid insurance plans are classified into 3 tiers based on price and coverage level, namely basic, mid and top tiers. You should keep in your mind that the higher the tier, the more coverage it provides and lower the tier, the less the payout for coverage.

The ideal time to start purchasing maid insurance policy

The policy starts from the 5th day since you have purchased the policy and within 14th days from the date of application. Start dates are sorted into three categories:

  • New maids: In this case, the policy starts from the day when your maid arrives in Singapore.
  • Renewal maids: Policy starts from one day after your maid’s current work permit expires.
  • Transferred maids: The policy date is on or before the date you apply for a transfer with MOM.

Tips before buying a maid insurance policy:

  • Ensure the pre-existing conditions of the helper are included in the plan. This will enable you to get knowledge on the aspects that the policy is not covering.
  • You need to check the policy you are getting specifically covers dengue fever and malaria as some insurers do not cover these conditions and make their customer fool.
  • Your liability may get limited if you do not take an optional waiver of counter indemnity into account.
  • Always keep in mind the outpatient expenses cover which should be covered in your policy else you will have to pay a very huge amount if you don’t have that cover.

Knowing all the information about maid insurance will help you decide the best of all, by visiting Hong Leong Insurance.

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