June 13, 2024

The sphere of commerce and business has undergone a sea change in recent years.  A major portion of all business occurs without the buyer and seller being in the same room. Advancements in technology have led to people being able to buy and sell wares from the comfort of their own living rooms. Initial misgivings over the safety of such online transactions have gradually been dispelled, and the online transaction industry has grown in leaps and bounds. Once businesses grow beyond a certain level, they need to figure out methods and means of accepting payments other than conventional cash. They risk missing out on several million dollars’ worth of business if they do not offer payment options on their websites or apps. Thus, there is a great demand for enterprises that offer payment gateway integration solutions.

Enterprises looking to conduct transactions online need to open a merchant account with a payment processor. All payments into this account are settled on a monthly basis. They need help with setting up and integrating different options on their website or app. This is where goEmerchant comes in. We streamline the payment processing system of your app or website, and enable you to conduct hassle free and convenient transactions. Our payment gateway integration process has the following features.

  • Language specific client libraries: – We understand the trials and difficulties faced by developers of apps and websites, and aim to make the integration process as seamless as possible. We provide client libraries and sample code in several languages such as PHP, Ruby, and Python etc. We offer developers the freedom of choosing the language and also provide them with all the resources necessary to start the integration process.
  • Real time testing: – We take special effort to convince our customers of the promptness and effectiveness of our transaction services. We encourage them to conduct test transactions in our Sandbox environment, and proceed with the integration process only if the entire transaction system is to their liking. Clients have the freedom of requesting testing customized to their needs and preferences. We also take great effort to ensure all our processes are certified and in accordance with industry norms and regulations.
  • Ease of use: – Our transaction systems are designed to be as intuitive and convenient as possible. They also keep in mind varied expertise levels of people dealing with the transaction systems, and the integration process is undertaken with the sole intention of making the process of making and receiving online payments an easy one, rather than a cumbersome task.
  • Support 24*7: – We have a team dedicated to the integration process, and they are available round the clock to aid with any issues that may arise, or offer necessary clarifications.
  • Value added services and security: – Services such as tokenization, recurring billing and Multi-Mid are provided. We also offer PCI compliance resources and tools to ensure that all processes are not in violation of any industry rules.

Our proactive and multi-pronged approach to providing payment gateway integration solutions enables our clients to stay one step ahead in todays’ market.

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