June 13, 2024

Having your very own company means that you need to take care of your employees’ welfare. But before all that, you need to make sure that they are worth taking care of. This means checking their backgrounds and checking out their most recent employer if they are a good employer or not. you wouldn’t want to hire someone that could potentially hire your business or are not good enough to do what they are being hired for. But even if you make sure that all of your employees are professional, there are times that they would become dishonest because of their own personal problems or maybe they hate doing their job because they think they are not credited enough.

When it comes to facing dishonest employees, you need to be professional. Handle it with professionalism that they’ll double-check themselves and think why they have betrayed your trust. If you have enough evidence to pin them down, make sure that you get their side, and the only way to do that without them denying the allegations is by subjecting them to a polygraph test. But before asking them to undergo this test, you need to keep in mind some important things to have a very smooth process.

Make sure that you have done your investigation

Before asking them to undergo a lie detector test, make sure that you have done a proper investigation to at least pinpoint who may have committed the “crime” in your workplace. You can never fully trust even the most innocent employee since you don’t know how another person’s mind work. You need to make sure that before you choose who you think is the suspect, you have to at least b 80% sure in order to not waste time and to resolve the issue right away since you know how serious it is. 

The connection of the Employee Polygraph Protection Act

The EPPA is a federal law which protects employees from the employers who unfairly lets their employees take a polygraph test. If you are a private employer, you cannot require your employees to undergo the test especially if there is no valid reason. Only companies that are on the security field can do this for their pre-employment screening. One example is the FBI. Pharmaceutical companies would also ask their employees to do this because they are handling and dispensing medicines. Banks would also have this for their pre-employment screening because they are handling huge amounts of money.

What does it take for Private Employers to subject their employees for a lie detector test?

Private employers can ask their employees to take a lie detector test if the suspected employee have done some malicious crimes that harmed the company like embezzlement, ruining its reputation, making it lose a large amount of money, and everything that is connected to these crimes. Once you have found out who did it, the employee can still refuse to take the test which will most likely harm his job. Even innocent employees would take the test because they have nothing to hide and they don’t want to lose their jobs.

If you ever face these kinds of problems at your workplace. You must take the necessary steps to solve the issue right away. The more you let it go, the more your employees will go rogue and you’ll lose your sense of authority. Find out more about the uses of lie detector tests here: www.liedetectortest.com.

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