July 14, 2024

What is the best way to compare loans on the market? To start you’ll need to ask yourself what you want: a small loan, say, £1,000 to £15,000, perhaps. And, make it unsecured. Or you may want a secured loan, where you home or an expensive asset is used as collateral against any defaulting of payments. Then there are guarantor loans and loans to buy a new car.

In addition to these loans there are logbook loans, payday loans, bridging loans, business loans, personal asset loans, and bad credit loans. So, let us look at each type of loan and see how best to compare these loans for the most useful return.

Personal Loans

View loan deals side by side but always go through directly to the lender’s website.

Secured Loans

At LendingExpert.co.uk you can have access to an experienced secured loans team. The brokers will listen to things like how much you want, what asset to secure the loan against and then search the entire loans marketplace to get the best deal. The secured loan is handled from the very beginning to the end and its successful completion.

Guarantor Loans

Many people have found it difficult in the past to get personal loans, often because of a poor credit rating, but applying for a guarantor loan may bring you success. Lending Expert has a list of all the big guarantor loan companies and shows you the list in a comparison manner.

Logbook Loans

It is possible to borrow money where the loan is secured against your car. There are a number of so-called “logbook” lenders who can calculate a value for your motor and offer you the best deals going forward.

Payday Loans

These loans became popular following the last onset of the last UK recession and housing crisis which started in late 2007. You borrow an amount and pay it back on your payday. These loans are often used as a last resort and all lenders will charge high rates of interest, so comparison of the best rates should always be sought on Lending Expert.

Bridging Loans

These are used by property portfolio owners to buy up property very quickly. A secured loan or mortgage can take some time to process, so a bridging loan (which is secured) is used to snap up properties fast.

Business Loans

Direct access is available to a wide range of lenders and these loans can be secured or unsecured.

Personal Asset Loans

Similar to a secured loan or logbook loan, a personal asset loan can be used to secure borrowing against your valuable jewellery, antiques or works of art.

Bad Credit Loans

There are hundreds of lenders willing to take on the risk of lending to bad credit borrowers. At Lending Expert you will find a comprehensive list of them shown side-by-side.


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