June 13, 2024

Security Awareness programs are a must in every organization because the biggest threat to any organization is the action of any employee that might lead to security incidents. Hence, it is important that organizations have a security awareness program in place that runs frequently in order to ensure that employees know the importance of data security and how to prevent, what can be done, risks involved in mishandling etc. Learn more about the CFISA Training programs.

Planning of security training programs

The first step to plan the program is to have a Security Awareness team who would develop, deliver and maintain the program. The size of the team will depend on the size of the organization. But the advantage of this team is that it would be responsible for planning and executing all the various stages and ways of training the employees.

Different levels of employees deal with different types of data in different ways. Hence, planning the security program based on the roles of employees ensures better security of data. This would help in including necessary data for that particular job role and deleting the unnecessary data for them. So, start by identifying the levels of data security training and CFISA Training program based on roles.

CFISA Training

Next would be employees in specialized roles. As these employees are dealing with specialized roles of the organization, their security training would include points like their accountability and risk involved in handling sensitive information. They should be trained to handle their tasks efficiently keeping the security in mind and should also be updated about the recommended best practices to avoid problems.

The nest level would be the Management of the organization. They already know the importance of security training program but they need to understand the details of it so that they can discuss about it, encourage and re-enforce the security awareness among employees

While doing any security data training, do nto forget on the low level staff as they also deal with some form of data in some way. They also need to go through the program so that they are updated.

How this training done?

Once the Security Awareness teamhas developed the plan, there are various ways to get the program to the employees. It can be done through websites, posters, hints on desktop, a quiz etc. Generally, after such a training program, employees sign a form that they have understood the content and sometimes it will be essential to qualify in the quiz which is a way that shows employees understanding levels.

Who should go through this training?

The target of these programs is to deliver the right information to the appropriate personnel. There are few data security points that would be common for all levels. These do not need any planning and identifying. They are generic and targets all the employees. These would be for all the personnel of the organizations.

Data threat is possible in electronic form or non-electronic form. Hence, different ways to protect data in different forms should be covered at all the basic levels of personnel. For example, protecting data in electronic form may include secure storage, secure sharing, not disclosing your passwords etc. Whereas to protect non-electronic form of data would be to safely document papers, shred the unwanted papers, clear desk policy etc. These would be the basics to be covered among all levels of Personnel.

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