June 20, 2024
Things To Consider When Organizing A Conference

Organizing a conference is no mean feat. Whether it is a single-day affair or a multi-day event, you need to do a lot of research, planning, scheduling, and booking to ensure that the conference proceeds without any hitch. If you are new to the task of organizing a conference, you may be confused about where to start from. Be aware that a poorly organized conference may impact your brand or business in a negative manner. That is why you have to plan your conference in a proper manner. Here are a few things that you need to consider when organizing a conference:


The budget is one of the fundamental aspects of organizing a conference. Having a budget is important as it will help you to mark the parameters of the conference organizing process. You will have to map out how and where to direct the money in order to get the most effective results. When dealing with the budget of a conference, keep in mind that there are certain major heads under which much of the money will need to be spent. These heads include venue, catering, transportation, accommodation, activities, speaker fees, and, of course, marketing. It is important to keep your budget realistic. If you make wrong estimates, you may have to compromise on certain things or the budget may escalate at the last moment. So, pay attention to the budget factor.

budget of a conference

Conference venue

The venue does make a difference to any event or conference. Once you know your budget and the approximate number of conference participants select a venue that will meet your requirements of space and fund. Also, make sure that the venue matches the style of the conference you are planning to organize. Keep in mind is that the venue must have the basic necessary features like Wi-Fi, breakout rooms for the participants, parking facilities, etc. Be sure that the venue you select is easily accessible to your conference participants. Another thing to note is that you have to start looking for a venue much before the scheduled date of the conference. This will increase your chances of finding a venue that suits all your requirements.

Technology aspects

You wouldn’t want your conference to be a boring or a drawn-out affair for your delegates, would you? That is why you need to put in efforts and make sure that the whole event turns out to be interesting for them. A conference that mainly depends on the speakers can be a bit tiring for your delegates. But if you utilize advanced technology, you can take your conference to another level altogether. For instance, you can opt for audio-visuals or use interactive videos to make the whole event a lively one. Depending on the theme of your conference, you can use technology effectively. If you are in need of ideas or guidance regarding the use of technology to make your conference interesting and lively, you can take the help of Conference Management Services.

Conference Management Services


Hungry delegates are never happy delegates. That is why you have to give serious thought to the catering. Decide how many food-breaks you would want to include in the conference. Then select the type of refreshment you would want to offer to the delegates. Ideally, you should reserve about an hour for lunch. Snacks and coffee can be of around 20 minutes. Make sure that the catering company you select for the conference is a reputed one and is experienced in serving in conferences. Also, make sure that you are aware of any special dietary requirement or allergies of your participants and inform the catering company in advance. This way you will be able to avoid unnecessary catering issues on the day of the event.

Guest Speakers

Be sure to look for speakers who can set the tone for your conference in an interesting manner. You have to find good speakers who can build excitement and keep the guests engaged. Your keynote speaker can make or break your conference. As such, you have to make your selection carefully. Once you find such speakers, get to know about the remuneration they charge for such events and whether they are available for the scheduled date of your conference. Before you finalize the keynote speaker, know if they have any special requirement. Also, share details of your conference with the speaker once you finalize him or her. This way your speaker will be able to come prepared to the venue and won’t be caught off-guard over anything.

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