June 13, 2024

Today’s contemporary economy demands continuous innovation. With evolving global landscape and urbanization, the retail industry has experienced numerous changes till date where the concept of departmental stores plays a major role. The traditional retail shops have upgraded themselves to become departmental stores.

With continuing economic recovery & improved employment condition of New Zealand in 2016 has raised the demand for domestic and international goods and services which enabled the retail industry to experience positive output. Today, department stores of New Zealand are shaping up to become a strong retail group in the country.

Here are few top departmental stores of New Zealand:

  • Warehouse NZ

The Warehouse Group Limited is considered as the biggest wholesale group trading in New Zealand. It was initiated by Stephen Tindall & started its operation in 1982. The Warehouse is functioning under the subsidiary of this group.

The group’s leading store the Warehouse sells items of essential use such as clothing, sports equipment, gardening equipment, furniture and so on. This group has grown very rapidly in terms of its sales and profit with their massive store expansion strategy throughout the country.

  • Kmart

Kmart opened their first department store in Auckland during 1988 which was the first discount store in the country. Today, Kmart works hard to deliver its customers their daily need at a very competitive price through more than 200 stores across Australia and New Zealand.

They sell a huge line of products like games, toys, electrical appliances, bed linen, home-wares, office-wares, cosmetics, footwear, garments etc. They are in the process of store expansion throughout the country & their new store concept is quite refreshing which is greatly accepted by the customers too.

To serve better, they also employ attentive customer service team. You can easily find Kmart head office New Zealand Customer Service on their website. However, you can chat or drop a message on their Facebook page also. Though they do not have a toll free number, Kmart Head Office NZ customer service number 0800 945 995 can be reached for any query/ support.

  • Briscoe Group

This group also is a New Zealand based retail chain, has been performing well over recent years with quite outstanding profit and sales results. It has around 90 stores throughout New Zealand doing business under the nameplates like Briscoes Home-ware, Living & Giving and Rebel Sport. They have a huge range of product line that includes bathroom, bedroom, laundry & lounge items.

 Briscoe Group is trying for expansion by a potential purchase of Kathmandu that will give it an opportunity to break further into the outdoor merchandise category.

  • The Farmers

This is a chain of departmental outlet in New Zealand which started operating during 1909. Headquartered in Auckland, they have 56 stores throughout the country. They trade in a large product line that includes family garments, cosmetics, home-wares, furniture, electronics and large appliances.

Under the ownership of James Pascoe Group, this company has continued to expand their store numbers across the country. It is the country’s largest fashion department store chain. Farmers owe their success to the loyalty of New Zealanders and the dedicated & skilled management and other staffs.

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