June 20, 2024

When two companies or more would want to work together to form a business, this is what we call a business “partnership”. It can be that these companies are in the same industry and a partnership can be a way to help each of this business grow. Sharing techniques and ideas that would help each other.

            This is what Travis Jamison offers with Moat Ventures. If you don’t need a startup for your business, or if you don’t need to sell, you can partner with Moat Ventures to let them help you build up your business to reach your business goals. Travis Jamison of Moat Ventures is one of the most promising investors in the business industry today.

The Advantages of Partnership

            Before thinking about partnering with other investors, it is best that you know why you are doing it. Your decision should benefit you and your business as well. Think of it for a couple of times. Here are some of the reasons why you need to invest.

  • Capital. The more partners you have, the more money you can come up with to contain your business. This also means that more people will help you think of ways on how to grow your business. With Moat Ventures, they can be your adviser and they can provide you with the capital that you need.
  • Flexibility. A business partnership is not hard to manage and run. Since you will have more people to work within the business. As long as all partners agree with certain rules in terms of management, then everything is workable.
  • Responsibility. When you are in a business partnership, you will have a shared responsibility. Partners would be able to share the responsibility of running the business. The technique is, splitting the work depending on their skills, rather than splitting the management with equal shares of tasks.
  • Decision Making. Business partners would be able to share decision making and they can also help each other. If you have more partners, more brains can think of business ideas as well as solving problems that the business might face.

 General Partnership vs Limited Partnership 

            General and Limited Partnerships are two of the most types of business partnerships. However, one is totally different from the other. A general partnership basically is a partnership with “general” partners. Every individual partner will have a say in the management of the business. Each of them will also have a responsibility for the liability f\of the business. If for example one partner is used, the rest will be held liable as well.

In Limited Partnership, this includes both the general and limited partners. A limited partner will not participate in the daily management tasks. The business liability of a limited partner is limited as well. In most cases, these limited partners are just investors who don’t want to be in the limelight. They will provide you with an investment and receive their profits in the background.

If you want your business to grow, you have to work hard for it. If you need a helping hand, then it is time to do a business partnership. This is one of the best ways that other business owners do. Travis Jamison of Moat Ventures promises you with a good business partnership deal that you would find hard to refuse.

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